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Welcome to DF-VIMARC Corporation, formerly DF Corporation.

We are the exclusive distributor of VIMARC vibrator motors for North America since 1972. VIMARC vibrators serve in non-hazardous as well as in hazardous applications, for which they are duly certified.  Their maker is ISO 9001:2000 certified.

VIMARC vibrator motors serve by the tens of thousands in the oil fields, in foundries and mining applications, in food processing and chemical plants and on fishing boats all over the world from Alaska and Siberia to Nigeria and Saudi Arabia, in Australia and Latin America, in the Gulf of Mexico and the North Sea.

Wherever vibrating machines are built, whether sorting screens, mud screens, feeders, spiral elevators, fluid bed driers or classifiers to name a few, you will find VIMARC and their satisfied customers and users.

Our constant repeat customers through the years are eloquent testimony to the total reliability, ease of handling and long life of VIMARC vibrator motors. Most VIMARC models require no greasing.

VIMARC B.V. and DF-VIMARC Corporation will gladly share our decades' worth of experience to counsel and guide you to optimal solutions for your very own particular application.

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